Improvement of the horticultural production with the data analysis.

Relevant Features

Sensorization and monitoring of agricultural plantations in extreme weather conditions in Qatar (T + 60ºC).
Generation of agronomic models that improve fruit and vegetable production.
Through the collection of data, we can generate predictive models.
We develop a technology of high level of maturity and capacity to withstand the conditions of extreme temperatures that can be reached in Qatar.


The main objective is the internationalization of our agricultural products, introducing new technologies in the Qatari field.

Our solution

Architecture composed of a sensorization system.
Collection of data extracted at the foot of the field, gathering information.
Integration of data in corresponding platforms.
Assessment of the status of the plots or environments involved.
Integration of new sensorization technologies and field monitoring.
Control and management of plots or environments, thus helping to increase production and fruit and vegetable productivity.
Adaptation of technologies to environments where temperatures are severe, as in the case of Qatar.