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About Us

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Nazaríes IT has been developing technological solutions for more than 5 years in the monitoring and sensorisation field and systems architecture with a large data volume

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Our workforce is organised and oriented to the development of solutions in projects involving a great technical complexity.

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Among our clients there are Swiss, Belgian, Qatari or Moroccan companies, which have trusted us and we collaborate with.

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Our platforms make more than 5 million transactions on a daily basis.

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We implement the latest tech and methodologies to develop online solutions suitable for your needs.

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Our systems process more than 1000 request per second.


Winter road management

SaaS solution (Software as a Service) - www.skade.es

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  • SKADE is a modular multi-user multi-device system.
  • It can be implemented by any company of all sizes.
  • We can rigorously monitor the road network enabling the management, maintenance and operation of roads.
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We will be able

  • To know the road conditions.
  • To know the location of the road maintenance fleet.
  • The observation of climatic conditions.
  • To prevent the freeze road.
  • To send an alarm signal case of adverse climatic conditions.
  • To send a notice automatically to vehicles in case of special situations.
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What does it offer?

  • Real-time information.
  • Location (GPS) and sensorisation.
  • Management of fixed and mobile cameras.
  • Management of weather stations.
  • Reports module.

Great variety of integrated devices


Agricultural sensorisation

Extensive and intensive crops - tecnologia-agricola.com

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  • Agricultural monitoring system adapted to specific needs.
  • Decision-making supported by analyses and reports through alerts.
  • Use of the latest tech (smartphones, tablets…) in which the data flows remotely.
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  • Nitrate and potassium soil levels
  • Soil electrical conductivity and irrigation water
  • Leaf growth
  • Temperature and humidity in the environment
  • Soil temperature and humidity
  • Solar radiation and leaf temperature
  • Capture of images about the crop growth
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What does it offer?

  • Accurate nutrient supply
  • Irrigation optimisation
  • Reduction of soil wastes
  • Irrigation optimisation
  • Products traceability
  • Real-time information about the environmental conditions and the soil
  • Remote update about agricultural automaton
  • Data history of the season and previous year

Our stations are used in Qatar, Marroco, Portugal, Spain...

Port Monitor

Web monitoring

Monitor your webs and servers in a simply way - port-monitor.com

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  • Port-Monitor is a simple online tool that allows you to monitor your websites and servers every 60 seconds.
  • Register the operating time and response times of your websites.
  • Find out the error causes when an error appears.
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  • Automatic checkings every 60 seconds.
  • Check websites and servers.
  • Monitor the content of your websites.
  • Monitor every service by using personalised TCP ports.
  • Monitor DNS registers.
  • Direct alerts and notifications per email and push.
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  • More than 5 millions of daily checking each day.
  • Monitoring 24/7.
  • Checkings every 60 seconds.
  • Personalised informs.

More than 5 millions of daily checkings.


Total agri-food solutions

Manage the whole information of your Enterprise - www.hispatec.es

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  • ERPagro is the leading solution for Enterprises of the agri-food sector.
  • Its field of action includes every process links and enterprise products.
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  • Global processing of flow informations demanded by the enterprise.
  • It provides you with information in real time which unites the fiability and actuallity possibilities.
  • Automatic integration of technologies.
  • It allows the acces to the desviation knowledge at any time.
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  • Sales and warehouse.
  • Production and comercial management.
  • Comercial management and sales.
  • Tracking and quality control
  • Finances and cost control

Tools from the field to final consumer


Customised ICT solutions

We focus on offering ICT solutions tailored to the companies.

A growing number of companies is interested in the migration of their old management programs into our online applications, which are available from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Many of these companies have trusted Nazaríes IT to develop or migrate their applications.

hanks to our years of experience and the creation of several customised systems we have become in one of the leading companies in our sector. We stand out for the management of companies anytime anywhere.

Forget your PC and carry out the management of your business from anywhere through web systems, tablets and smartphones.

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Nowadays the e-commerce is not optional but obligatory. An online sales volume equivalent to 183 000 million euros was reached in 2013.

Nazaríes IT offers the best solution so that your company can have an online trading option being reliable, attractive and providing the absolute guarantee for both you and your clients.

The traditional PC is over

Video platform

Nazaríes IT has a video platform used as a mass distribution method.

It features a number of characteristics which are oriented to a maximum positioning and usability using a complete online management, an automatic recodification depending on the bandwidth of the target and the compatibility with most of the protocols.

They have trusted in us

Winter road management




Custom developments



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