Nazaríes IT is a company engaged in the field of ICTs. We have focused our business mainly on activities related to software development and the creation of technology products which can provide a real improvement for our customers.

Our mission

It is our mission to achieve, within the shortest possible time, a leading position in the market of products supplied by our company with a steady increase in employment creation, customer loyalty and financial gains, as well as in increasing levels of information security with a view to enable substantial improvements in staff remuneration and in the aspirations of the founder members and the rest of stakeholders.

Our vision

The strategy of our company will be based in the expansion and technological renovation of its headquarters, the increase of advertising efforts, the development of an awareness program aiming to penetrate in the customers’ market based on the knowledge and satisfaction of their expectations, in the assessment of risks that can compromise information security and the constant innovation of our range of products and services.

Our values

These are the core values of our company:

  • Honesty at a personal and professional level, which will be maximized in the external relations with the customers and in internal relations with the members of the company.
  • Technological innovation of products and equipment achieved through the development of R&D teams in all departments.  
  • Collective enthusiasm, through the implementation of an honest relations policy based on belonging and contribution, which aims to achieve the improvement of physical and psychological conditions in all job positions. 
  • Staff training, thanks both to intensive training programs and the formation of responsible teams to achieve the goals agreed with the company’s management.


Our primary task is to look after our customers’ business as if we were part of it. For this purpose, we align our services with their needs to differentiate ourselves from our competitors thanks to this policy. The key to our success is the continuous improvement aimed at customers’ satisfaction and the protection of information security.

To achieve excellence and security in our products, NazaríesIT has succeeded in unifying processes based on ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2014 standards, eventually fostering good practices. We aim to respond through our products and services to our own and our clients’ requirements as well as to those concerning information security and legislation. This includes environmental and preventive regulations compatible with offering innovative solutions which exceed and event anticipate users’ expectations, in order to increase their level of satisfaction and gain our customers’ respect and loyalty.

Our company must preserve, increase and consolidate innovation and learning in the field of management and operational process in an environment of security and continuous improvement.

Thus, Nazaríes IT is committed to safeguard the principles of its information quality and security policy, for which it will the first to guarantee the application of their information quality and security management systems principles and the contribution to their development and integrity.

The company will identify the information quality and security objectives yearly, which will be in line with this Policy.

Eduardo Haro
April 3rd, 2018